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Whether you are cleaning a building, or you have a team of workers cleaning a huge office on a daily basis, your business faces high risks when cleaning third-party property.

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Why do cleaners require insurance?

Whether you are cleaning a building, or you have a team of workers cleaning a huge office on a daily basis, your business faces high risks when cleaning third-party property.

By cleaners, we mean anyone that is in the business of cleaning others’ property, that could be residential or home cleaning, commercial janitorial services, and even window cleaning.

Performing each of these services presents unique liability risk. It does not matter how small or big your business is, a commercial general liability policy is required to protect you and your business while performing your services. On this page, our goal is to answer all your questions about janitorial insurance.

If you expect to bid on large commercial or government contracts (such as cleaning a government office builder), showing proof of insurance along with your bid or application will be required.

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What does janitorial insurance protect me from?

The most important insurance for a commercial cleaning company is a commercial general liability policy. This type of policy will protect your cleaning business from financial exposure caused by damages done by you or your employers to third-party property, customers, or anyone else impacted by your services.

As a commercial cleaner, you likely understand the risks present in your job. Even if you have a good understanding of these risks, and you may assess them as low compared to other contractors (say roofers, or electricians), there are many situations where a cleaning insurance policy will protect you.

Here are some examples of situations where you damage can occur, exposing you to significant financial liability:

  • An office cleaner fails to properly wipe down a slippery surface. The next day, an employee slips on the slippery surface and suffers a broken leg. The employee incurs medical costs.
  • Jewelry disappears from a residence that your company cleaned. Important documents were thrown away at an office you cleaned. Both situations can expose your company to lawsuits and damages.
  • While cleaning a building, damage occurs to newly installed hardwood floors. Your business can be held liable for fixing the floors.
  • One of your employees is securing a ladder to clean a window on the second floor of a building. While securing the ladder, it scratches the window. Your business can be on the hook for fixing or replacing the window.
  • A competing janitorial services company may feel that your online advertising methods are impacting their business and sue you for damages.

These situations are not uncommon and can result in lawsuits and financial exposure for medical expenses or repairing the third-party damaged property.

Does a cleaning insurance policy protect my employees?

Your employees will be protected with a commercial general liability insurance policy to the extent that the actions caused while performing services lead to a bodily injury or damage to a third-party (also referred to as an insured event).

The commercial general insurance policy does not cover an injury to your employee and the resulting costs (medical or loss of compensation). A worker’s compensation policy would cover this type of exposure.

How much does a commercial cleaning insurance policy cost?

The price of a commercial cleaning insurance policy is dependent on a number of factors. To get an exact figure for your business, please contact us to get a quote.

In terms of estimate, the following figure are simply ball parks based on the size of your business and the amount of liability coverage for a business in Ontario:

  • Revenue under $100,000 and liability coverage of $1 million: Approximately $500 per year
  • Revenue between $100,000 and $500,000 and liability coverage of $2 million: Approximately $750 per year
  • Revenue between $500,000 and $1 million and liability coverage of $5 million: Approximately $1,000 per year

Each policy is tailored to your business and the services you provided. Our insurance brokers can advise you on a policy that fits your needs.

What factors impact the cost of a commercial cleaning insurance policy?

The two biggest factors that impact your commercial cleaning policy are 1) the size of the business, and 2) the amount of liability coverage.

All things being equal, as your business grows and your revenue increases, your insurance premiums will increase.

Also, as your liability coverage increases, from $1 million to $5 million, your premiums will increase.

Other factors include whether you have an accident history (has your business had insurance claims in the past?) and the age of your company (has your company been in business for a long time?). These are questions that an insurance broker will ask you in order to price your policy.

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Absolutely! We have experience working with many types of cleaners, including home cleaning, commercial cleaning, residential home cleaning, and high-rise commercial window cleaners. No matter what type of cleaning or janitorial work you do, we can craft a policy that works for you.

If you have vehicles that your staff use to go to the customer’s property, you want to consider a commercial vehicle insurance policy. If you have a physical location, whether that is an office or a home, where you store equipment and tools, you will want to consider a commercial property insurance policy.

Our insurance brokers will learn about your business and advise you accordingly.